“To Keep the Body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Buddha

Dreicer Chiropractic Center LLC is committed to helping people live life to the fullest through the achievement of inner, lasting radiating health. We are dedicated to facilitating the health and emotional well-being of our cherished patients which include children and adults of all ages.

Your health is your most valuable and precious possession

Every day more people are becoming active well-informed consumers in their choices of health care and taking responsibility for their own long-term well-being.

Whether you or your loved ones need energy balancing according to the seasons,  relief of pain,  immune boosting, digestive support, emotional balance,  or stress relief, Dr. Dreicer welcomes the opportunity to be your partner, your mentor, and your guide to improved health and inner balance.  “As partners, we will work together with the objective of removing musculoskeletal pain and other nervous system conditions.”  Dr. Dreicer is the model of a patient advocate.  She will not give up until physical wellness and emotional balance is achieved.

Caring, quality service

Professional and caring,  Doctor Shar provides the best possible service to each and every one of her patients.  “By truly knowing our patients,  we are able to diagnose and implement treatment strategies that address the underlying causes of one’s health issues”.

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Exercise facilitate the healing process

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The Reconnection

Emotional and spiritual rebirth

Dr. Dreicer saved me again. I work at my computer and sit for way too long. My back completely went into spasm, swelling and pain. In only a few sessions she was able to release my back and is working with me on finding a way to work more ergonomically and add more movement into my day. She is completely awesome!
Julie K.
Dr. Dreicer & her staff have been a blessing to my family.

We have been clients for over 10 years & are so thankful for her knowledge in using N.A.E.T. to give my daughter a wonderful full life!

Our daughter Lauren was diagnosed with severe food allergies at 1 1/2. She was allergic to just about everything & had horrible skin issues as a result. She was continuosly on antibiotics & steroids. Her life was consumed with constant itching & skin irritations along with the side effects of the medications. Her quality of life was not what any parent would want. By the grace of God we found Dr. Dreicer & N.A.E.T.

From the first office visit I was put at ease. Her knowledge of food allergies, experience as a nurse and chiropractor combined with her wonderful personality made it so easy for us. She explained everything clearly & guided us through the process. We saw a difference in Lauren after the first time being balanced. Lauren has completed the treatment process & has had a positive outcome. She has no skin issues & can eat just about anything. Our entire family has had treatments for both emotional issues(postpartum depression) & allergies with positive results. We are so thankful to her & continue to use her as needed.

Tara C.
I was referred to Dr. Dreicer 14 years ago when my then, 10 year old daughter was suffering from food sensitivities. Using the procedure known as NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) Dr. Dreicer was able to eliminate her allergies and thus change her way of life. In the process, I found Dr. Dreicer to be caring, sensitive to our needs and completely thorough and efficient, making herself available to her patients 24/7. I have herniated disks and spinal stenosis which are managed by Dr. Dreicer. I also found that since I have been getting regular adjustments, I do not get sick as often as I used to. In fact, I have made her the primary person I turn to with all medical questions. I don’t know what I would do if I did not have Dr. Shar Dreicer.
Debbie R.
I met Dr. Shar Dreicer approximately 14 years ago when I was desperately seeking help for my 5 year old son, Billy. Billy had more allergies than anyone I had ever known. He had multiple food and environmental allergies, chronic ear infections, allergic rhinitis, eczema and asthma. His physicians kept telling me he would get better… but he didn’t. He was chronically ill and his diet was extremely limited. So my search for help began. I tried numerous alternative practitioners with minimal success. And then I called Dr. Dreicer about NAET. Initially I was skeptical but was willing to give it a try. I was totally convinced that NAET worked when I watched my son consume an entire Carvel ice cream cone with pleasure whereas in the past he would have been doubled over in pain after one lick. We have been with Dr. Dreicer for 14 years and my son can now eat most foods that he was allergic to including milk, eggs, wheat, soy, oats, chocolate, oranges, etc. In addition, his environmental allergies have been lessened resulting in removal of many of his allergy medications. Billy is rarely sick now. He sees Dr. Dreicer for spinal adjustments as needed. As a result of his success with NAET, I have started to address my food and environmental allergies with Dr. Dreicer using NAET and have also experienced some relief. Dr. Dreicer is a true healer and we are so very fortunate to have found her! I hate to think of how different our lives would be without her.
Janice B.
I started seeing Dr. Dreicer in Sept. of 2007 on a friend’s recommendation. I’d suffered from chronic back/neck pain for years taking daily pain medication that did little to alleviate the pain. After 2 months of adjustments and NAET treatments, I felt so much better physically and emotionally that I no longer was taking any pain medication at all.

I knew that I needed to stop smoking and I wanted to try it using NAET. Although Dr. Dreicer was reluctant to use this technique to treat such a hard wired addiction, I still really wanted to try this. I walked into her office a 30-year smoker and after one treatment, I can gratefully say that I haven’t smoked since. I had no withdrawal symptoms and no cravings then or at any time since. Its 4 ½ years later. That’s $18,000 I have not spent on cigarettes and 50,000+ cigarettes that I haven’t smoked. Considering I have COPD and this year had the threat of esophageal cancer, I believe a lot of my life has been saved.

For my ongoing physical, spiritual and emotional well-being I continue to see Dr. Dreicer on a regular basis!!

Cathy S.
I have been a patient at Dr. Dreicer’s office for at least 10 years. Not only she is a compassionate professional who listens and evaluates me as a whole person, physically and emotionally, but also understands the different circumstances patients go through in life, and works with you. She takes the time to explain each procedure and where the ailment is coming from. You are never there more that is needed, her goal is to make you feel better and move on with your life. She always surprises with her knowledge of other areas of practice, -a homeopathic alternative, a supplement, even a small change in lifestyle. Dr. Dreicer is a true professional in the chiropractic field.
Susanna Baumann
When I was referred to Shar for Network Spinal Adjustments (“Network” ) about 8 years ago, I literally could not move my neck. I was in extreme pain and was extremely cranky to boot. Her expertise and compassion, along with her down to earth, caring manner helped me to feel and be better in a matter of days. I have been a faithful patient since then, going when I need to, for a variety of situations, which have been helped tremendously by her knowledge and application of many therapies including, but not limited to, Network NAET, NET, nutritional supplements, acupressure, etc. Knowing that I have Shar to help keep me healthy as I take on new physical challenges or simply in dealing with the daily stresses of life, is a comfort and a blessing.She rocks!!”
Shar Dreicer’s adjustments and balancing work truly amazes me. Not only does it effect the physical, you feel the shifts throughout the subtle bodies as well. Shar’s great knowledge and wisdom as a doctor and energy facilitator bring this work into a deeper unique paradigm. Good to know you do not have to show up in her office always, she is a specialist in remote work as well. She worked with me once as I was traveling to Europe!
I have been a patient of Dr. Shar Dreicer for the past 7 years or so. She is a skilled and caring Chirpractor whose medical care is both gentle, spiritual and nurturing. I consulted with her way back in 2004 and she listened and absorbed all that I had to say about my ailments and anxieties. I had a weak and sore back for many years and was fearful of doing anything that would harm it further and was also slightly sceptical of any treatment that might claim to heal it. Dr. Dreicer used very gentle manipulations and combined it with a spiritual thinking and philosophy that has brought me to a positive and strong place.

Her office is welcoming and caring and it helps to know that I have a Chiropractor who is prepared to do as much as possible to alleviate any discomfort or pain that I might feel in my back from time to time.

Chiropractic care has been a “God send” for me. Under the care of Dr Shar Dreicer I have been able to continue to do all the things I love. The office has a welcoming environment of healing and trust. No matter how you enter her office, you leave lighter in spirit and on the mend.
Janet T.
Having been exposed to a number of Chiropractic styles before going to Dr. Dreicer, I was at first surprised and skeptical of her gentle approach. I soon realized that “no pain, no gain” does not apply to Chiropractic medicine. Her style and professionalism combined with her knowledge of supplements and diet that contribute to a healthier body make her a true health professional.
Ron S.
The most important feeling for me is when I am laying on the table and Dr. Dreicer is adjusting me. I know I am completely safe and in hands that want to heal me quickly. Many years ago I was in terrible pain and within six visits I was like a new person. She explained in detail, not rushing , what my situation was. Dr. Drecier explained what exercises I should do and which ones to be careful of. Many years ago I went to other chiropractors. I was never treated and felt like this. In fact at times they were more drastic. I tightened up and was very uncomfortable.
Gale M,
My name is Billy Baunach and I have had nothing short of a life changing experience with Dr. Dreicer and NAET. She has been more than just a doctor I go see her to help me with my ailments. She has been a very close person to me since I was about five years old. Throughout the first five years of my life my diet consisted of only rice products and chicken due to my food allergies. The day I met Dr. Shar Dreicer was the day I took my first step towards clearing my body of its multiple food and environmental allergies. Now I am able to enjoy a variety of food without having to think about what I am eating. Furthermore, environmental allergies such as pollen, ragweed, mold, and dander no longer hamper my life. Dr. Dreicer is a true healer and my life wouldn’t be the same if she wasn’t involved in it.
Billy B.