Dr Shar’s tip of the day 4-9-16

Dr Shar's Tip of the day   Research now supports the idea that an anti-inflammatory diet increases the quality of your health and well being. The quick tip..... reduce sugar intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, lower carbs, including but not limited to wheat, even whole wheat, white flours, and reduce grain intake to about [...]

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Dr Shar’s tip of the day

" When transitioning from one movement to another, make sure you engage your abdominals ( stomach muscles), about 30%. This serves to protect your back and reduce tendencies toward lower back pain. An easy exercise to do during the day: When going from sitting to standing and standing to sitting, engage abdominal muscles (Core muscles) [...]

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Being cautious while using cell phones.

Hearing  the sad news of the passing of Beau Biden age 46, son of Vice President Joe Biden, I began  wondering what, if any was the causative or contributing factors of Beau Biden's brain cancer. While the specifics of his cancer are unknown,  I can't help wondering if using his cell phone  had any effect.   [...]

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Seasonal allergies…..you asked, I answered…Tis the Season….

So we’ve been wishing, praying and hoping for winter to be over, alas it is finally coming to an end.  But as we all know, the allergy season is upon us. Some studies indicate that as many as 35 million people suffer from seasonal allergies. Below is the skinny on allergies and some natural tips [...]

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The impact of nutrition on your health and aging.

As Greek physician Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” With no formal understanding of nutrition, Hippocrates intuitively realized the impact of food on a person’s health and well-being. Not a day goes by in my Chiropractic practice here in Red Bank, NJ, that I don’t [...]

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