Dr Shar’s Tip of the day  

Research now supports the idea that an anti-inflammatory diet increases the quality of your health and well being.

The quick tip….. reduce sugar intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, lower carbs, including but not limited to wheat, even whole wheat, white flours, and reduce grain intake to about 3x/week if needed.  No soda’s, drink green tea, lots of water.  this is not a complete list, but a good start!  One of my favorite quotes, “Don’t let the little you can do, stop you from doing the little you can do.”

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Dr. Dreicer’s unique talent as a health care practitioner lies in her genuine interest in each and every one of her patients. Her manner of practice and mode of interaction may be different than what patients are used to in our harried, rushed world of assembly line heath care delivery. At Dreicer Chiropractic Center LLC, Dr. Dreicer and her staff pride themselves with being available to their patients. All patients have the peace of mind knowing that their health care provider is there for them should a question arise.

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