So we’ve been wishing, praying and hoping for winter to be over, alas it is finally coming to an end.  But as we all know, the allergy season is upon us.

Some studies indicate that as many as 35 million people suffer from seasonal allergies.

Below is the skinny on allergies and some natural tips to reduce those pesky annoying symptoms.

Allergic reactions to certain substances, such as pollens, foods, ragweeds, spores, molds dust animal dander, to name a few,  can cause a myriad of symptoms also known as Hay fever.

Simply,  allergies are an over-reaction/ immune response triggered by these substances causing an inflammatory reaction.  Common symptoms include but are not limited to: itchy eyes, watery eyes, runny nose,  stuffy nose, sneezing, scratchy throat and coughing.

If one is not inclined to take over the counter medications, here are some natural ideas to reduce these reactions.  While not a panacea,  there are certain measures which can help reduce the symptoms.

From a nutritional perspective the idea is reduce the Allergic overload, reduce inflammatory reactions and strengthen the immune system.


  • Sugars, never eat ( HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP)
  • Alcohol
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Red Meats( especially those which are not grass fed)
  • Food colorings


  • Dark green, leafy vegetables
  • Deep yellow and orange vegetables
  • Nettles, bamboo shoots, cabbage, beet tops, beets, carrots, yams
  • Onions, garlic, ginger, cayenne, horseradish
  • Avocado
  • Cold pressed olive oil
  • Coconut oil  (getting new found cudos)
  • Wild caught fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Essential fatty acids, i.e. fatty fish, flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds
  • Lots of water with lemon
  • Hormone free animal sources

A word about ragweeds and pollens.  Depending on how sensitive you are, below are some tips to help reduce allergic reactions.

  • Take shoes off before entering your house,Take frequent showers
  • Don’t run/walk outside  in the afternoon
  • Use a purification system, UV and negative ion filter in your house
  • I’m a big fan of wood floors, it’s easier to clean. Carpet hides offending substances and we don’t see it and often don’t realize how many offending substances are in the carpet.
  • Shower before getting into bed and  my favorite, don’t sit on your bed with your outside pollen filled clothes.
  • Some people who are extremely sensitive might consider investing in  non-toxic organic bedding.
  • Also don’t forget about the toxins in cleaning products.  Invest in healthier alternatives in cleaning products.  It may cost a little more, but the benefits cannot be overemphasized.
  • Lastly, try and be near the sea or ocean as much as possible!

While there are no panacea’s for managing allergies, following some of these above simple tips can assist in reducing the allergic overload and hence help throughout the allergy season.